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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Squirrel Rejects his Bushy Tail

Squirrel Rejects his Bushy Tail by Debbie Dunn was written to demonstrate the importance of valuing each and every part of our body and lives.

 Squirrel Rejects his Bushy Tail

Book Description

Squirrel loved to brag more than just about anything else in the world. Sadly, all that bragging was a cover-up for hiding his big secret.

What was his secret? Squirrel truly thought his tail was ugly and useless.

When confronted by a hungry hawk, will Squirrel learn his lesson that all parts of his body are essential and important before it is too late?

This story of Squirrel attempting to reject his bushy tail was inspired by hearing a Native American tale about Coyote plus the author’s past weight loss efforts. See if it reminds you of any time when you might have rejected or put down any part of your body or life.

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Here is the link to the author’s page on Amazon of all paperback and kindle books by Debbie Dunn.. It will open up in a new window. That includes the book called "Squirrel Rejects His Bushy Tail."

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