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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bravely Battle Brace-ism - A Book Written to Help Kids Who Wear Braces

Bravely Battle Brace-ism by Debbie Dunn was written to benefit a young friend who had a case of nerves of getting braces and being bullied (aka experiencing Brace-ism). I hope this book will help all young people bravely battle Brace-ism.

 Goofy Jane

Book Description

When Sarah discovered that she was going to have to enter the seventh grade wearing braces, she wondered, “How will I handle it when people taunt me with brace-ist remarks? Will I manage to feel empowered or belittled?”

Three other rising seventh graders wondered the very same thing. All four of them spent the summer preparing.

When the school year began, they joined forces and interchanged multiple humorous and clever retorts. Before long, they found themselves relishing the opportunity to trailblaze numerous ways to triumph over toxic Brace-ism.

Should your preteen and teen have to also wear braces, they, too, will learn multiple ways to successfully challenge Brace-ism. You may even wish to donate an extra copy to your orthodontist and school library.

About the Author - Debbie Dunn

Debbie Dunn has been a professional storyteller since 1989. She has also served as a teacher of at-risk teens, an anti-bullying specialist, and she taught both elementary and middle school. She now indulges her passion for anti-bullying and her love of nature, traveling, and writing as she follows the trail of at-risk animals and strives to help young people at risk, as well.

Amazon Link to all children’s books by Debbie Dunn

Here is the link to the author’s page on Amazon of all paperback and kindle books by Debbie Dunn.. It will open up in a new window. This includes the book called “Bravely Battle Brace-ism.”

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