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Monday, March 11, 2019

Ducks, Coots, and Geese in Decatur, Alabama on 3-11-2019

Here are some ducks, Coots, and Geese in Decatur, Alabama on 3-11-2019. These were taken using a Nikon CoolPix P1000.

This is my first day of testing out my Nikon CoolPix P1000. This camera has an amazing zoom. 

It is definitely heavier than my previous cameras I have used. I think I am going to get some amazing left-hand muscles. Lol! That is the hand I use to support the camera while I zoom in and click away using my right hand.

I am so excited with the potential of this camera. I am working on improving my learning curve as I test it out.

One of the very cool things you can do with this camera is to edit the camera on the screen by enlarging and centering shots. I did the final edits using PowerPoint.

I deleted many pictures of the over 100 shots I took. I narrowed the final keepers to 50.

Check out the picture of the pond just after some ducks went zooming by, skimming the surface.

Here are my three favorite duck shots taken today.

Here are my three favorite shots of Coots taken today.

Of course, that one includes a Mallard Duck as well. I couldn't resist.

Here are my three favorite shots of geese taken today.

The geese picture and the swimming fowl were taken quite a distance away.

Since I often use the Gazebo as my litmus test for testing out cameras, I will include the shot I took of it, as well!

I am totally in love with this camera! I may never be the same again! Lol!

Now, as a bit of a puzzler, this is a picture I took of a pair of ducks today. I would really like to know, should there by any duck experts out there, is that an egg in that female duck??? Please respond in the comment section, if you know the answer to that. 

Have a great day!

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