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Thursday, March 21, 2019

My ProShotCase Passed my Waterproofing Test

My ProShotCase passed my waterproofing test. I will trust it when I snorkel using my new iPhone XS Max.

I had to replace my iPhone 7 Plus as it had a crack in the glass and it was starting to glitch out. I replaced it with the new iPhone XS Max just the other day.

This iPhone is reported to be water resistant. I also purchased a case that will protect it should I drop my cell phone. Sadly, I have been known to occasionally let the iPhone slip through my fingers. Guilty as charged. Sigh!

One of the highlights of this new phone is that it has a 10X Zoom ability. I thought that it would be ideal for snorkeling if only they sold a waterproof casing for it. It turns out they do.

So I ordered a ProShotCase that is specifically made for the iPhone Xs Max. It claims that it is safe up to 50 feet under water aka 15 meters. It also comes included with a floating hand grip.

It warns that you need to test it out before trusting it to your cell phone. So, as you can see from the above picture, I placed a folded tissue inside and placed it underwater for 2 hours. Then, I let the case drip-dry so that no droplets from the outside of the case would sully the results. 

The next morning, I opened up the case. The tissue was absolutely dry and safe to use. I was so pleased.

There is even a free app to download to the phone called PROSHOTCASE. It is easy to use. I have tested it out as well.

So, now, the next time I go snorkeling, not only do I have my full face mask ready to use, I will be able to trust this case with my new iPhone XS Max. Naturally, I will post my snorkeling pictures on this blog. I am so pleased and very relieved.

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