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Friday, March 15, 2019

Starling is nest-building in Decatur, Alabama plus Robin and Geese on 3-15-2019

The Common Starlings aka European Starling is nest-building in Decatur, Alabama. Using Nikon CoolPix P1000, photos of American Robin and two geese, as well. 

I love, love, love how every animal has a story to tell. I also adore it when a group of photos help illustrate this story. 

With the help of a monopod (instead of a tripod), I am improving in my photography skills as I train myself using the Nikon CoolPix P1000. This has an amazing 125X Wide Optical Zoom and takes photos between 4.3 to 539 mm.

After watching some tutorials on YouTube, I decided to test out the following settings. My reaction: "Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!" These settings are what I will likely use from now on.

A - Aperture priority-auto
Continuous - Pre-shooting cache

The beauty of this setting is that eight or so pictures are taken in the time span of a second or so. That way, when the bird quickly moves around, you usually get at least one good shot in that series -- sometimes more.

  • ISO - Auto
  • Exposure bracketing - Off
  • AF area mode - Target finding AF
  • Autofocus mode - AF-F Full-time AF
  • Flash exp. comp. 0.0
  • Noise reduction filter - NR+ High
  • Active D-Lighting  - Normal
  • Startup Zoom position - 24 mm
  • White Balance - Auto (normal)
  • Picture Control - Standard SD
  • Image Sharpening - 3
  • Quick adjust - 0
  • Saturation - 0
  • Vibration reduction - Active (framing first)
  • AF assist - Auto
  • Digital Zoom - On
  • Image Quality - Norm

Okay, here is the photo series demonstrating that the starling is nest-building.

Here my favorite photo of the robin.

Here are two shots of these visiting geese.

I am so very grateful that my learning curve is improving. I look forward to getting hopefully better and better with the passage of time and more experience.

Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful day!

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