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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Gray Fox at Kroschel Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska

Photos of Gray Fox at Kroschel Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska. Highly recommend this bus tour from Skagway. Cruise ship – Island Princess.

Took great bus tour to Kroshel Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska

In August of 2018, I went on a fourteen-day cruise aboard the Island Princess to Alaska. This was a back-to-back cruise. Many passengers either took the seven-day land tour first and then boarded the ship for seven days. Or they reversed that order. As for me, I was one of almost 300 people who chose to stay aboard the ship for all 14 days.

The last time I took an Alaskan cruise was 19 years before. My Carnival Jubilee cruise ship of 7 days did stop in Skagway; however, I think this wildlife center was either just getting started or wasn’t open yet.

I would highly recommend this tour as you get to see and photograph so many different wild animals. The owner took these animals in as orphans. They all appear to be quite content with living there and interacting with him and his employees.

This blog will show off pictures of the beautiful Gray Fox that lives there. The next blog will show pictures of the Red Fox that lives there.

At the end of this blog, I will include the link to this center’s website where there is a video you can watch. He also has several videos on YouTube, as well.

Here are the pictures of the resident Gray Fox:

Link to Kroschel Wildlife Center Website

Here is the link to the Kroschel Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska. It will open up in a new window.

Kroschel Wildlife Center (DBA Kroschel Films). Not A Zoo - It's An Experience,

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