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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Black Bear climbing down Hackberry Tree at Birmingham Zoo, AL

Black Bear climbing down a Hackberry Tree at the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama.

Pictures of a Black Bear climbing down a tree

Here are pictures of a female Black Bear climbing down a Hackberry Tree after eating berries near the top.

While taking these pictures, I overheard an upper elementary school boy saying that this proved wrong one of the "I Survived" books he had read. Apparently, the book stated you could climb a tree to save yourself from a bear. Given that we both watched this bear climb down from this tree in less than a couple of minutes time, this is not the way for you to save yourself.

I was grateful that we could observe this bear from the other side of the glass. That kept the two sister bears safe from being bothered by humans. This also allowed us to observe Black Bears in a natural environment. To my way of thinking, this was a true WIN-WIN.

Here are the pictures.

Here is a video created out of those very pictures using VideoPad. Enjoy!

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