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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Cork City Gaol in Cork, Ireland - Part 2 of 6

While visiting Cork, Ireland, our wonderful taxi driver took us to stee the Cork City Gaol (Jail). This is part 2 of 6 of this photo collection.

The former Cork City Gaol (Jail) in Cork, Ireland - Part 2

While visiting Cork, Ireland, my two best friends and I toured this Cork City Gaol (Jail).

In he area where many of the prison cells were located, we were able to view inside several of them to see vignettes of past prisoners and the conditions they faced.

Here is the door of one of those jail cells.

This next cell is labeled as the cell of Thomas Raile.

Here you can see another locked door plus the area where they likely pushed in the meal for the prisoner.

The next prisoner's sample cell is labeled as Cornelius Kelleher.

The visiting inmates, that is us, (LOL!), have the opportunity to try a cell - if we choose. Check out Carrie and Maddy as they try out that very thing. Carrie is the "jailbird" on the left. Maddy is the "jailbird" on the right.

Here is a long hallway.

Next comes the cell of James Burns alias Henry White.

Another locked jail cell door:

The prisoner by the name of Mary-Ann Twohig

Please visit part 3 of this blog to continue the tour.

Until then, best wishes to you, and have a wonderful day!

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