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Friday, September 6, 2019

Summer Trip Aboard 2019 YouTube Video by Sincerely Maddy

Summer Trip Aboard 2019 YouTube Video by Sincerely Maddy

YouTube Video created by the 21-year-old daughter of my best friend.

Check out the amazing video put together by the very talented Maddy Marchant. It is part of her YouTube Channel called Sincerely Maddy.

Also to be noted, Carrie Davis Marchant and her oldest daughter, Maddy, flew from East Tennessee to Nashville to fly to Paris. I, on the other hand, flew in from Huntsville, Alabama. We then met at the Dallas airport for our direct flight to Europe. So, the video begins with a bit of Nashville history.

At the end of almost a month in six countries: France, Germany, Austria, England, Scotland, and Ireland, we reversed course and flew first to Dallas and then back to our respective beginning airports.

Unfortunately, the immigration line was dreadfully long at the Dallas airport. By the time we made it through that line, collected our bags, and re-checked them after going through security, Carrie and Maddy missed their flight to Nashville by about five minutes and had to spend the night. As for me, I barely made the flight to Huntsville. They actually held the door open for me after a mad rush to almost the other end of the airport. I was dreadfully out of breath but so grateful to have made the flight.

Therefore, the video ends with a bit of Dallas and then back to Nashville where they were picked up by Carrie's husband and younger daughter.

Without further ado, here is that amazing video.

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