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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Cork City Gaol in Cork, Ireland - Part 3 of 6

While visiting Cork, Ireland, our wonderful taxi driver took us to stee the Cork City Gaol (Jail). This is part 3 of 6 of this photo collection.

The former Cork City Gaol (Jail) in Cork, Ireland - Part 3

While visiting Cork, Ireland, my two best friends and I toured this Cork City Gaol (Jail).

In he area where many of the prison cells were located, we were able to view inside several of them to see vignettes of past prisoners and the conditions they faced.

This next sample jail cell is the prisoner by the name of Mary McDonnell.

Here is another locked cell door.

The next cell over is the prisoner by the name of Countess Markievicz.

Here is a copy of the letter that she was writing. The text of this letter is shown below this photo.

Copy of letter written by Countellss Markievicz

Cork jail.

14 June 1919

Dearest Old Darling Sister,

Clare has just written that you are ill and I am so sorry that I just got arrested, for I know how that will worry you. But you needn’t bother, for I am in excellent health and spirits. I am here for advising girls not to walk out with the police and a few other remarks of that sort. The whole thing would make a very funny story for a magazine!

I’m afraid the green brooch was not very nice, but it was the nearest thing I could get for what I remembered of the old, but it strikes me as having too much silver and too little pattern. Some day we’ll find a better one.

I have been so busy since I was back in Ireland and had a lovely time. Spent two days among the mountains with Bella and saw and hugged Mr. P. He was like a stunned person when he saw me. I thought he was going to faint. Certainly animals are more human than some people, especially English politicians.

This is the most comfortable jail I have been in yet. There’s a nice garden, full of pinks, and you can hear birds sing. I have heaps of friends here who send me in lots of very good food – in fact, all my meals. Our people are such darlings. In Dublin, my meals were sent in, and at Mallow, when they made sure of the police being able to identify me and changed and improved the warrant, a girl gave me a teapot of lovely tea and some cakes to keep me going.

I wonder if Gaga realized she was talking sedition when she used to abuse Maggie Campbell for walking with a policeman, years and years ago. It was a terrible crime in her eyes, and she sacked Medhbh’s first nurse for doing ditto! I wonder what her present point of view is! Someone ought to warn her of the risks she runs.

I can’t help laughing all the time. Anyhow, I’m alright, so don’t you worry. I got in at the psychological moment, if I mistake not! and I’m glad.

I’ll write again soon, so take care of your dear old self. Do write me a line if you can. I know I’m a selfish devil to ask you.

Love to Esther and all the love of my heart to yourself,

Mise I gCuis nah Eireann,

Constance de Markievicz

Read more about Countess Constance Markievicz. It will open in a new window.

Another part of the jail labeled Gaol Graffiti.

That's Carrie in the foreground and Maddy in the background reading some of it.

Here are some more views of this jail:

Here is the prisoner by the name of Julia Twomey.

The young prisoner, by the name of Edward O'Brien, is receiving a whipping in the next cell. If I recall correctly, he was in there for stealing.

After a view of the outside, a ghost is the next thing to be viewed. In reality, it is a hologram ebbing and flowing. I suppose it represents someone who died of illness or was killed inside these jail walls.

Please visit part 4 of this blog to continue this tour.

Until then, best wishes to you, and have a wonderful day!

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