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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A 2011 visit to Bridal Veil Falls in Highlands, NC

Bridal Veil Falls is located in Highlands, North Carolina. Whether a waterfall is large or small, I enjoy seeing them all.

Photo taken on March 4, 2011

As I drove back home from a past storytelling performance in Johns Creek, Georgia the night before, I decided to take the scenic route home.

When I stopped at a gas station to get directions, I asked a local resident about any nearby waterfalls. She kindly gave me directions to this one plus another waterfall called Dry Falls about one mile apart. She warned me I would have to go about 20 minutes or so off the beaten path to get there. I was happy to do this to help fulfill my waterfall passion.

It drizzled all day long as I took pictures and video footage. I simply held an umbrella poised above me to protect my camera from the rain. When I took this picture, I actually remained in my car and simply rolled down the window.

This photo of Bridal Veil Falls was taken on March 4, 2011.

How to Find this Waterfall

As I traveled on US-23 N and US-441 N, the woman told me to get off at the Highland Franklin exit and drive about 20 minutes. I drove on a very winding mountain road that had a rushing stream in view most of the way. Every now and then, I would see tantalizing views of various waterfalls but no place to stop along the road.

Finally, I passed the first overlook on the right called Dry Falls. Then about a mile later, I came to Bridal Veil Falls on my left. At one time, you could drive your car under the waterfall. They have since closed that off. Perhaps in the summer, it will re-open.

Does anybody know what this waterfall is like currently? Have you ever visited it?

What are some of your favorite waterfalls? I love them all – no matter how big or how small.

Please note

I formerly had this posted on Hubpages. Due to one of my past videos disappearing when a former site I used to write for closed down, the hub went into draft mode. Now that I have my own blog, I decided to bring the article back to life minus the video. Sadly, the video has been lost for good as a past computer virus made one of my former laptops “crash and burn.” Sigh and double sigh!

A link to the Highlands Newspaper that Includes Video Footage to this Waterfall

If you would like to see a working video of this waterfall, feel free to click on the following link. It will open up in a new window.

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