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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Waterfalls at Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia

See photos of the waterfalls at Tallulah Gorge State Park taken in 2011. This is a few miles south of Clayton, Georgia in Tallulah Falls, Georgia.

Photos taken on March 4, 2011

As I drove back home from my evening storytelling performance in Johns Creek, Georgia, the night before, I decided to take the scenic route home. At the time, I lived in East Tennessee. As of June of 2018, I am now a resident of Decatur, Alabama.

After spending the night in a Clayton, Georgia, hotel, I drove 12 miles south from my location to reach Tallulah Gorge State Park.

It drizzled all day. I simply took my umbrella with me to help protect my camera and my head from the rain. This park was definitely worth the trip. I look forward to returning to this park someday when the weather is sunny and perhaps there are falls leaves covering the trees.

These photos of the waterfalls at Tallulah Gorge State Park were taken on March 4, 2011.

L'Eau d'Or Falls at Tallulah Gorge State Park

Here are more pictures taken on that day. Even in the on-and-off drizzle, I found the waterfalls to be quite lovely.

Southern view into the Gorge at Tallulah Gorge State Park

These pictures were taken from the southern view into the gorge at Tallulah Gorge State Park.

Map given to me by that gentleman I passed on trail

When I first arrived at this park, I entered the Visitor Center and took pictures of the nature displays. I also paid my $5 parking fee.

Afterward, I headed out onto the trails. I had forgotten to get a trail map. Fortunately, I met a gentleman who had finished his hike. He generously gave me his map to keep.

This was the map given to me by that gentleman I passed on the trail. Due to the rain, I only went to the upper overlooks of 1, 2, and 3. Someday, I hope to return and do some of the lower trails that involve walking down hundreds of stairs.

Please note

I formerly had this posted on Hubpages. Due to one of my past videos disappearing when a former site I used to write for closed down, the hub went into draft mode. Now that I have my own blog, I decided to bring the article back to life minus the video. Sadly, the video has been lost for good as a past computer virus made one of my former laptops “crash and burn.” Sigh and double sigh!

A link to the Tallulah Gorge State Park Website

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