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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Taste-bud Journey: Chia Lemonade Recipe

During the pandemic, I am taking taste-bud journeys as I self-isolate rather than physical journeys. Here is my adapted recipe for Chia Lemonade. I got the idea for this back when I experimented with the Keto diet back in the fall of 2018.

Please note that you can use any type or flavor of cold liquid. I personally just really enjoy the flavor of this caffeinated lemonade.

Chia seeds have multiple health benefits:

  • Very few calories

  • Two tablespoons of chia seeds contains lots of fiber, protein, Omega-3s, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B3, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and other nutrients

  • Considered to be a whole-grain food and gluten-free.

  • Loaded with antioxidants and the good kind of fat

  • They help some people lose weight. As healthline reports: 'Its soluble fiber absorbs large amounts of water and expands in your stomach, which should increase fullness and slow the absorption of food.' (link for this article will be included in my resources listed below.)

  • Considered to be heart-healthy, has potential to lower blood sugar levels, reduce chronic inflammation, and increase bone-health

  • They also act as a great thickener to recipes.

  • You can also use Chia Seeds as a replacement for eggs in recipes. Google CHIA EGGS to see easy recipes for making this.

  • I often add chia seeds to muffin and bread recipes to add some extra nutrients.


  • 1 tbsp of Chia Seeds  
  • 2 cups of Water
  • 8 squirts of Mio Lemonade 3

Please note: You can use Chia Seeds to thicken any cold drink such as juice, iced tea, iced coffee, slushies, milkshakes, etc.

Please also note: After placing a tablespoon of Chia Seeds in your drink, let it sit for a minimum of 15 minutes either on the counter or in the refrigerate. That gives the Chia Seeds a chance to absorb the water and brings out maximum health benefits.



  • Step 1: Place 1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds in a tall glass or bottle.

  • Step 2: If you intend to use a water enhancer such as Mio Lemonade, use 8 squirts. Obviously, you can use less or add more depending on your taste preferences. Also, you can use any flavor of water enhancer. That simply is the one I find most refreshing.

  • Step 3: Pour in 2 cups of water.

  • Step 4: Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes to give the Chia Seeds time to expand. I personally prepare 2 or 3 bottles in advance as I generally drink one or two of these a day to increase my water-intake in a tasty way.

  • Step 5: You can certainly add ice, if you like. Since I use gallon-size jugs of refrigerated bottled water, I find my drink already cold enough as is.

  • Step 6: Enjoy! Do keep either a tall spoon handy or give the bottle a shake every swallow or two as the Chia Seeds sometimes have a tendency to settle.

Please note: I have a tendency to overdo soft drinks; therefore, I have found this to be a tasty way to maintain my body's hydration levels.


Please also note: This is a great drink to use after a workout or doing something strenuous like carrying in multiple bags of groceries. It is extremely thirst-quenching as well as full of health benefits.


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