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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Taste-bud Journey: Bisquick Waffle

During the pandemic, I am taking taste-bud journeys as I self-isolate rather than physical journeys. Here is my adapted recipe for a Bisquick Waffle. Not only can I enjoy this box recipe as a waffle with syrup, I can also used this as the base of a fruit shortcake or as the bread for a sandwich.

Also, since I adore 'kitchen toys,' I had the fun of making this waffle in my miniature DASH Waffle Grill.


Here are two links to blogs about some of the things I have used these waffles for. The links will become live as each blog gets published. These links will open in a separate window.:


  • I cup Bisquick
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • I egg

Please note: Since I live alone and don't want too many leftovers, I halved the recipe found on the back of the Bisquick box.


  • Step 1: Mix together the three ingredients.

  • Pour sufficient batter (about 1/4 cup) into a waffle grill.

  • Cook until both sides are golden brown.

  • Serve the waffle with your favorite topping.


Please note:
In case you are interested, this is the link to the mini grills I have been using in my waffle-connected posts. Since I not only live alone, but have limited storage space, tiny grills fit into my lifestyle a lot better than larger grills. Plus, this was my way to save a little money. Each grill only cost about $10 each.

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