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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Taste-bud Journey: Mixed-Fruit Shortcake

During the pandemic, I am taking taste-bud journeys as I self-isolate rather than physical journeys. Here is my adapted recipe for using a waffle as the base for a mixed-fruit shortcake. It was inspired by once going to a restaurant that served a strawberry shortcake on a biscuit instead of those sponge-like cakes. I really enjoyed that dessert and thought that a waffle could be a close second to my particular taste-bud and texture preference.




  • Mixed fruit of your choice
  • Waffle
  • Whipped Cream


  • Step 1: Either use a toasted waffle or grill one up fresh.
  • Step 2: Select your fruit combination of choice and blend them together.

  • Step 3: To the fruit combination, pour in your desired amount of whipped cream. Stir together. Ice cream would also be an option.

  • Step 4: Pour that fruit and whipped cream mixture over the waffle and enjoy!

FYI: There is actually a waffle hidden underneath that fruit and whipped cream. LOL!

Please note:
In case you are interested, this is the link to the mini grills I have been using in my waffle-connected posts. Since I not only live alone, but have limited storage space, tiny grills fit into my lifestyle a lot better than larger grills. Plus, this was my way to save a little money. Each grill only cost about $10 each.

Also, this is my link for the Bisquick waffle recipe I used on a previous post. You don't have to use Bisquick. You can also use regular flour as part of your recipe. It is simply a matter of taste and what you happened to have available in your pantry.

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