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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Old Waterfall in Belfast, Northern Ireland

While visiting Belfast, Northern Ireland, our taxi driver took us to the Old Waterfall. My two best friends and I loved the experience.

Views of the Old Waterfall in the area called Glenoe outside Belfast

Our taxi driver, upon learning my two best friends and I love nature, suggested taking us to what is called the "Old Waterfall." It was truly a delightful experience!

This is what we saw at the top of the waterfall. It was both rainfall-fed and reservoir-fed.

The sign above begins with the words "CLIMB NI" for Northern Ireland.

The National Trust in Glenoe

Part of the top view

More of the top view

One more view from the top

After walking down a dirt path and a stone staircase with a railing, we came to this bridge and this lovely overlook of the waterfall.

Check out the lovely views.

Below are my two best friends, Maddy Marchant on the left and Carrie Marchant (her mother) on the right. They bravely climbed up on this slippery rock to get a closer view. As for me, given that I have a plate and ten screws in my left ankle, stayed safely on the ground. My motto is: "Be Mindful - not Fearful."

More views of the waterfall

This is me on the left, Maddy in the middle, and Carrie on the right. Our taxi driver took this picture.

There was another gentleman nearby. He graciously agreed to take a picture of us along with our taxi driver. The driver's name is Michael. He works for Value Cabs in Belfast.

More views of this beautiful waterfall.

Maddy and the taxi driver heading up the staircase.

Carrie as she too was leaving.

Last views of this lovely waterfall.

It was hard to tear ourselves away.

Here is a short video I took of the beautiful sound of rushing water.

Michael and his taxi cab. It was a BMW.

This was one of the adventures we had that day in Northern Ireland.

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